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Get all the benefits below and so much more, when you create a wholesale account with Infinite.

Keystone Pricing

We believe in our products, and you! If our product is sold for $20, we'll give it to you for $10. We want you to make the most profit possible! Let's get together and grow your business.

Buy 10, Get 2

Our "10/2" program rewards loyal customers by providing them with two additional items for free when they purchase a total of ten items, allowing them to enjoy even more value and savings with each purchase.


Dedicated Sales Rep

Our sales reps are dedicated to your success. We assign an individual to walk you through our products and make sure you're making the absolute most amount of money you can be.

24 Hour Access

Our shop is open 24/7 hours to you. If you'd like to place an order at anytime, we'll have it in our system and get it to you ASAP. You can call your sales rep, or order online!


More and More Benefits

Wholesalers will enjoy exclusive promotional offers and access to bulk options, empowering them to secure advantageous deals and efficiently stock their inventory with a wide selection of products to meet the demands of their customers.