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Stress Less

Wellness is practicing daily healthy habits to improve physical & mental health.

How does CBD factor into Wellness? The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates critical body functions such as sleep, appetite, temperature, plus inflammatory and immune response. When cannabinoids like CBD bind to specific receptors in the ECS, it is stimulated to help achieve stasis. This can mean lower stress levels, boosts in mood and, control over aches and pains.
The best way to start your Wellness journey is with a routine. Getting your brain into a routine makes it easier for you to choose healthier options. We recommend incorporating our Wellness products into your every day supplement regimen so that you can reap the benefits of CBD with everyday use. More Ways to Improve Wellness: Exercise, Nutrition, Rest, Mindfulness and Social Connectedness. Top Selling Wellness Products
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Ingredients Our Wellness CBD products have either one or two active ingredients in them. Because the purpose of CBD is to find equilibrium in your body, our Wellness products are some of the purest form of CBD you van buy from us. Our Full Spectrum Wellness products also include hemp derived THC to give you a little kick to your Wellness routine. 

Pure CBD Isolate

All Natural Flavors

Lab Tested

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A Boost of Energy

Energy is the quantitative property that a human gives off while their working or using their body

CBD…for energy? Coffee is one of the most purchased products on the planet. Not everyone can have coffee though as it makes some users jittery and may upset their stomach.Our Energy CBD formula was curated with just the right ingredients to give your body a boost without those unwanted side effects. This formula is perfect for Athletes, First Responders, Early Risers, and anyone looking to jumpstart their day!  
Top Selling Energy Products
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Ingredients Our caffeine-free CBD energy products are formulated to provide the boost you need to get you through the day. How do we do it? The magic lies in our balanced blend of ingredients.

CBD  for equilibrium

CBG  a performance-boosting cannabinoid

Limonene  a terpene in citrus fruits to brighten mood

B12   essential to red blood cell formation & cell metabolism

Theanine found in tea and some varieties of mushrooms

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Trouble Falling Asleep?

Sleep is part of Wellness & contributes to our overall health. Adults should get 8 hours of sleep a night.

Sleep is different for everyone. According to the Sleep Foundation , 32.5% of American adults are getting less than 7 hours of sleep. CBD for sleep and relaxation? It is among the top use cases for cannabinoids, addressing a pain point for a lot of people. Over 40 million Americans report suffering from chronic sleep disturbances. How does our formula help?
Top Selling Relax Products
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Ingredients CBD for sleep and relaxation can support a healthy, stress-reducing routine. But, can CBD itself really help alleviate stress and restore healthy sleep? Studies suggest that it may indeed. Our products combine the relaxation-promoting benefits of cannabinoids CBD and CBN with melatonin to promote restful sleep. How does our formula help you get a full night’s sleep? We’ve handcrafted the perfect combination of ingredients to help you get to bed. 

Pure CBD Isolate to make your body feel at ease

CBN a cannabinoid that promotes rest

Melatonin encourages sleep

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Need Help Concentrating?

Focus is defined as, "a center of activity, attraction, or attention." These days it's hard to stay on task...

Can you use CBD for focus and concentration? For many, staying focused can be a major challenge in itself. Feeling your mind wandering off topic, feeling unable to ignore distractions, and the  mounting frustration just getting through a difficult task are familiar to most of us.
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Ingredients Our CBD focus products are formulated to support concentration. We combine the benefits of cannabinoids CBD and CBG with 5-HTP. How does our formula help you concentrate? We’ve handcrafted the perfect combination of ingredients to help you stay up and study. 

Pure CBD Isolate to make your body feel at ease

CBG a cannabinoid that promotes focus

5-HTP promotes brain activity

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What about our four-legged family when it comes to wellness? CBD for pets is currently all the rage, but does it work? As it happens, all animals have been found to possess an endocannabinoid system. That’s right, ALL — from tall to small, dogs to cats, fish to hamsters, newts to nematodes; they all have endocannabinoid systems not unlike those of humans. And while there is still much research to be done, some studies (like this one) have shown that hemp-based CBD therapeutics have positive effects on pets, particularly older ones who may be suffering from arthritis, inflammation, anxiety, seizures and other maladies. Some have shown a significant decrease in pain and improvement in mobility — both having the potential to improve our pets’ quality of life, giving them more active years to continue being our best friends.  Our CBD focus products are formulated to support concentration. We combine the benefits of cannabinoids CBD and CBG with 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). The latter is a synthetic version of a chemical created in our brains from dietary amino acids and acts on serotonin levels. 5-HTP is used by some to combat anxiety and depression and may aid in improving focus and concentration. But what about side effects? How do I know the correct dosage? Will my pet get high from this product? How do I decide if this is right for my pet? First of all, make sure you know what to look for when purchasing a CBD product for your pet. Make sure the product is formulated and intended for pet use, and that the company is transparent about third-party testing and their ingredients. Known side effects from high-quality CBD for pets seem to be mild and your pet will not be intoxicated or ‘get high’ from CBD. Dosages will depend heavily upon your pet (size, weight, species, temperament, etc.). Just as you would with your doctor when deciding on a new regimen for yourself, you should consult your vet when choosing a CBD product for them. Our Pet formulation is available in a tincture. It features pure CBD isolate and is made with 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon oil — sure to delight even the most particular of pet palates.

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